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Clip in hair extension are the best and most useful alternative for numerous women. They are cost-effective, have a quick and straightforward application and removal method, and can be transformed routinely to match one’s mood or fashion. With most items that make our lives less difficult, there are some disadvantages. Clip-in hair extensions can cause damage to your normal hair, which in some situations is long term. This is negative news for men and women who are working with clip-in hair extensions to cover up places of hair loss because it can exacerbate the issue.

Track Alopecia, an additional name for permanent hair loss, is a gradual procedure. When hair is pulled tightly about a long period of time, follicles grow to be damaged. In some instances, clip-in hair extensions are worn too tightly, for as well long, or are not modified appropriately. Occasionally they are too hefty, and as the all-natural hair grows, they pull on the hair follicle causing harm.

At 1st, the hair loss is not obvious to most people because the clip-in extensions cover most of the injury and a modest total of hair reduction takes place by natural means. Around time, the situation worsens and a lot more and much more hair begins to fall out. Each day the servicing and treatment like brushing, cleansing, curling and styling lead to a lot more hurt and an greater reduction. Eventually big clumps of are discovered to be lacking and bald spots develop into noticeable. This is a key problem with clip in extensions – they basically are not the ideal alternative for most men and women.

In the worst cases of Track Alopecia, scarring occurs. In areas wherever follicles have been severely broken and long lasting hair reduction has occurred, scar tissue replaces the follicles. Scarring seems patchy and is generally connected with itching, irritation, and discomfort. This affliction is tougher to treat and tougher to cover up. If caught in time, injury could not be long lasting. Sad to say, several clip-in hair extensions are sold retail right to the buyer who are not warned or provided right guidelines about how to put on them to prevent hair reduction.

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